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      The Forest Service (Coford) [1]
      The humpback whale research in Ireland was funded by the Heritage Council (Grant No. 12290) and in 2019 by Ryanair through their Carbon Offset Partnership Fund. [1]
      The Laboratory, Marine Biological Association, Citadel Hill, Plymouth, UK [1]
      The Marine Biological Association of the UK, Plymouth, UK [1]
      The National Development Plan 2007–2013 [2]
      The work outlined was supported by the Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology through RISE and Connacht-Ulster Alliance scholarships, and also by the Irish Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine, who partly supported research materials under the Grant Award No. 15 S 745. These funding sources had no input into the study design or compilation of this article. [1]
      The work was supported by Galway Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT)/Connacht Ulster Alliance (CUA) PhD Completion Scholarship. [1]
      The work was supported by the University of Groningen (P.J.P., M.B., and A.A.C.), Copenhagen University (P.J.P. and A.A.C.), Bangor University (P.J.P. and M.B.), University of California Berkeley (P.J.P. and M.B.), University of Oslo (L.B. and Ø.W.), and University of Stockholm (P.J.P. and M.B.). Funding was also provided by the Greenland Home Rule Government (P.J.P.), the Commission for Scientific Research in Greenland (P.J.P.), the Greenland Nature Resource Institute (P.J.P.), WWF-DK (P.J.P.), the Aage V. Jensen Foundation (P.J.P.), the Danish Natural Science Research Council (P.J.P.), and the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq grant numbers 442637/2018-7 and 408096/2013-6) of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI) under the scope of the Brazilian Antarctic Program (L.D.R., E.R.S., H.A.C., and C.D.) and the Irish Research Council (C.R.). A.A.C. was supported by a fellowship from Dutch Research Council—NWO— ( Rubicon project 019.183EN.005). X.M.L. was funded by a Brazilian scholarship from CNPq (201709/2014-7). Additional funding from the Norwegian Polar Institute, WWF Norway, and the Norwegian Research Council (ICE-whales programme) financed Norwegian data collection and participation. Funds were also provided by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) through research and individual grants TRACE-PTDC/ MAR/74071/2006, IF/00943/2013, SFRH/BPD/108007/2015, UID/MAR/04292/2019, and UIDB/05634/2020. [1]
      Thermo king [1]
      Thermo King Europe Ltd. [1]
      This analysis was funded by the Irish Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine’s Competitive Research Funding Programmes (DAFM) as part of the FishKOSM project (Ref15/S/744). [1]
      This PhD (Cullen Fellowship: CF/16/03) was carried out with the support of the Marine Institute and is funded under the Marine Research Sub-Programme by the Irish Government. [1]
      This project is funded under the EPA Research Programme 2021-2030. [1]
      This research (2017–W–MS-28) was funded by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Research Programme 2014-2020. [1]
      This research was carried out with the support of the Marine Institute (Grant-Aid Agreement No. PBA/FS/16/03) and was funded under the Marine Research Programme by the Irish Government. Additional support was awarded by the Ireland Canada University Foundation (ICUF) through the Dobbin Atlantic Scholarship. [1]
      This research was conducted as part of the High Nature Value Farmland and Forestry Systems for Biodiversity (FarmForBio) project funded by the Research Stimulus Fund (2019R425) of the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine Research Stimulus Fund. JC and JM conceived and designed the study, JC conducted all the quantitative analyses. All authors contributed to the drafting and critical analysis of the manuscript. [1]
      This research was supported as a collaborative research project (awarded to GH and KK) between Northumbria University, Haskapa Limited, UK and Mibelle Group Biochemistry, Switzerland. The external funders had no role in study design, data collection, analysis or preparation of the manuscript. [1]
      This study was financially supported by doctoral funding from the Programme for Health Service Improvement, Health Service Executive (HSE) [1]
      This study was funded by the EC Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, AMBER (Adaptive Management of Barriers in European Rivers) Project, grant agreement number 689682, led by C.G.L [1]
      This study was funded under the Irish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) research program 2014 – 2020, through the research project “Sources, Pathways and Environmental Fate of Microplastics in Freshwater Systems (2016-W-LS-10)”. The EPA research program is a Government of Ireland initiative funded by the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment. It is administered by the EPA, which has the statutory function of coordinating and promoting environmental research. [1]