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      Authors Name
      Nash, Roisin [3]
      Nash, Róisín [11]
      National Development Plan 2000-2006 [1]
      National Institute of Aquatic Resources, Technical University of Denmark, Kemitorvet, 2800, Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark [1]
      National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, New Zealand [1]
      National Marine Fisheries Service, Southeast Fisheries Science Center, NOAA, 646 Cajundome Boulevard, Lafayette, LA 70506, USA [1]
      National Marine Fisheries Service, Southwest Fisheries Science Center, NOAA, 8901 La Jolla Shores Drive, La Jolla, CA 92037, USA [1]
      National Marine Information and Research Centre (NatMIRC), Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources (MFMR), Swakopmund, Namibia [1]
      National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) [1]
      National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Grant/Award Number: 1041570 and 1041678; David and Lucile Packard Foundation; Walton Family Foundation; Nature Conservancy; commercial fishing companies and trade associations; The Wildlife Conservation Society; National Science Foundation [1]
      National Parks and Wildlife Service, Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, Galway, Ireland. [1]
      National University of Ireland - Galway, Plant Systems Biology Lab, Ryan Institute, Plant and AgriBiosciences Research Centre, School of Natural Sciences, Galway H91 TK33, Ireland [1]
      National University of Ireland Galway, Applied Ecology Unit, Centre for Environmental Science, Galway, Ireland [3]
      National University of Ireland Galway, University Rd, Galway, Ireland [1]
      Natural History Museum, University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway [1]
      Naturalia, Republic of Cape Verde [1]
      Naughton, Audrey [1]
      Navales, Beatriz [1]
      NCBES, NUI,Galway [1]
      Nelson, Brian [1]