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  • Pathways from ageism to loneliness 

    Shiovitz-Ezra, Sharon; Shemesh, Jonathan; McDonnell-Naughton, Mary (Springer, 2018-05-23)
    Many older adults in our society suffer from loneliness – a painful, distressing feeling arising from the perception that one’s social connections are inadequate. When loneliness is experienced over prolonged periods of ...
  • The Irish Carnegie community engagement classification pilot: a critical analysis on culture and context from a community of practice approach 

    McIlrath, Lorraine; Broderick, Céire; McDonnell-Naughton, Mary; Kelly, Maria (UTS ePRESS, 2021-05)
    This article provides a reflective critique of the process undertaken to pilot the Carnegie Community Engagement Framework in Ireland between 2015 and 2016. Of particular interest to the authors is the cultural specificity ...
  • Evidence of a range expansion in sunfish from 47 years of coastal sightings 

    Lyashevska, Olga; Brophy, Deirdre; Wing, Steve; Johns, David G.; Haberlin, Damien; Doyle, Thomas K. (Springer Nature, 2022-01-13)
    Almost nothing is known about the historical abundance of the ocean sunfish. Yet as an ecologically and functionally important taxa, understanding changes in abundance may be a useful indicator of how our seas are responding ...
  • “Thinking outside the box”: social innovations emerging from academic nursing-community partnerships 

    Zlotnik, Cheryl; McDonnell-Naughton, Mary (Springer, 2022-01-01)
    Nurses comprise the largest group of healthcare workers in the world. Increasingly, nurses in higher education institutions are collaborating with not-for-profit and community-based organisations to devise programs, projects ...
  • Facets of social innovation in higher education 

    McDonnell-Naughton, Mary; Păunescu, Carmel (Springer, 2022-01-01)
    Emphasis on social engagement and innovation for the higher education sector is a priority, despite the various challenges that have arisen as result of Covid-19, for third level providers. It is a conversation that continues ...

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