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    • Effect of cullulose size-concentration on the structure of polyvinyl alcohol hydrogels. 

      de Lima, Gabriel Goetten; Ferreira, Bruno; Matos, Mailson; Pereira, Bruno Leandro; Nugent, Michael J.D.; Hansel, Fabríco Augusto; Magalhães, Washington Luiz Esteves (Elsevier, 2020-06-11)
      Microfibrillated cellulose as a reinforcement agent has been investigated extensively due to their unique characteristics, which can reorder the structure of polymers and hydrogels leading to improved mechanical properties ...
    • Enhancement of mechanical properties and wettability of TiO2NT arrays formed in simulated body fluid‐based electrolyte. 

      Simon, Anna Paulla; Santos, Vidiany Aparecida Queiroz; Rodrigues, Andressa; Santos, Janaina Soares; Strixino, Francisco Trivinho; Pereira, Bruno Leandro; Lepienski, Carlos Mauricio; Sikora, Mariana de Souza (Wiley, 2019-09-13)
      Modified titanium nanotubes (TiO2NTs) coatings are grown in simulated body fluid (SBF) from Ticp and Ti6Al4V. The addition of 1% v/v of SBF to the electrolyte neither modifies film morphology nor the structural oxide ...
    • Oxide layer containing apatite formed on Ti-25Nb-25Ta alloy treated by two-step plasma electrolytic oxidation. 

      Pereira, Bruno Leandro; Beilner, Gregory; Lepienski, Carlos Mauricio; Szameitat, Erico Saito; Kuromoto, Neide Kazue; dos Santos, Leonardo Luis; Chee, Bor Shin; Alves Claro, Anna Paula Rosifini; Mazzaro, Irineu; Nugent, Michael J.D. (Elsevier, 2020-01-25)
      Hydroxyapatite (HA) is a bioactive calcium phosphate capable of enhancing the implant/bone connection improving osteoconductivity and osseointegration process. However, the HA presents mechanical properties limiting its ...