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    • Applications of Digital Twin across industries: a review 

      Singh, Maulshree; Srivastava, Rupal; Fuenmayor, Evert; Kuts, Vladimir; Qiao, Yuansong; Murray, Niall; Devine, Declan (MDPI, 2022-06-14)
      One of the most promising technologies that is driving digitalization in several industries is Digital Twin (DT). DT refers to the digital replica or model of any physical object (physical twin). What differentiates DT ...
    • Digital twin: origin to future 

      Singh, Maulshree; Fuenmayor, Evert; Hinchy, Eoin P.; Qiao, Yuansong; Murray, Niall (MDPI, 2021-05-24)
      Digital Twin (DT) refers to the virtual copy or model of any physical entity (physical twin) both of which are interconnected via exchange of data in real time. Conceptually, a DT mimics the state of its physical twin ...