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    • Vaginal drug delivery for the localised treatment of cervical cancer. 

      Major, Ian; McConville, Christopher (Springer, 2017-06-08)
      Cervical cancer is usually treated by surgery, with the more advanced cancers requiring adjuvant chemotherapy or radiotherapy. The location of the cervix makes it easily accessible through the vagina for the localised ...
    • Yerba mate extract in microfibrillated cellulose and corn starch films as a potential wound healing bandage 

      Alibadi, Meysam; Chee, Bor Shin; Matos, Mailson; Cortese, Yvonne J.; Nugent, Michael J.D.; de Lima, Tieldy, A.M.; Washington, L.E., Magalhães; de Lima, Gabriel Goetten; (MDPI, 2020-11-27)
      Microfibrillated cellulose films have been gathering considerable attention due to their high mechanical properties and cheap cost. Additionally, it is possible to include compounds within the fibrillated structure in ...
    • β-glucan metabolic and immunomodulatory properties and potential for clinical application 

      Murphy, Emma J.; Rezoagli, Emanuele; Major, Ian; Rowan, Neil J.; Laffey, John G. (MDPI, 2020-12-10)
      β-glucans are complex polysaccharides that are found in several plants and foods, including mushrooms. β-glucans display an array of potentially therapeutic properties. β-glucans have metabolic and gastro-intestinal effects, ...