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    • Biogeography in the deep: Hierarchical population genomic structure of two beaked whale species 

      Onoufriou, Aubrie B.; Gaggiotti, Oscar E.; de Soto, Natacha Aguilar; McCarthy, Morgan L.; Morin, Philip A.; Rosso, Massimiliano; Dalebout, Merel; Davison, Nicholas; Baird, Robin W.; Baker, C. Scott; Berrow, Simon; Brownlow, Andrew; Burns, Daniel; Caurant, Florence; Claridge, Diane; Constantine, Rochelle; Demaret, Fabien; Dreyer, Sascha; Ðuras, Martina; Durban, John W.; Frantzis, Alexandros; Freitas, Luis; Genty, Gabrielle; Galov, Ana; Hansen, Sabine S.; Kitchener, Andrew C.; Martin, Vidal; Mignucci-Giannoni, Antonio A.; Montano, Valeria; Moulins, Aurelie; Olavarría, Carlos; Poole, M. Michael; Suárez, Cristel Reyes; Rogan, Emer; Ryan, Conor; Schiavi, Agustina; Tepsich, Paola; R., Jorge Urban; West, Kristi; Olsen, Morten Tange; Carroll, Emma L. (Elsevier B.V., 2022-10-14)
      The deep sea is the largest ecosystem on Earth, yet little is known about the processes driving patterns of genetic diversity in its inhabitants. Here, we investigated the macro- and microevolutionary processes shaping ...
    • Speciation in the deep: genomics and morphology reveal a new species of beaked whale Mesoplodon eueu 

      Carroll, Emma L.; McGowen, Michael R.; McCarthy, Morgan L.; Marx, Felix G.; Aguilar, Natacha; Dalebout, Merel L.; Dreyer, Sascha; Gaggiotti, Oscar E.; Hansen, Sabine S.; van Helden, Anton; Onoufriou, Aubrie B.; Baird, Robin W.; Baker, C. Scott; Berrow, Simon; Cholewiak, Danielle; Claridge, Diane; Constantine, Rochelle; Davison, Nicholas J.; Eira, Catarina; Fordyce, R. Ewan; Gatesy, John; Hofmeyr, G. J. Greg; Martín, Vidal; Mead, James G.; Mignucci-Giannoni, Antonio A.; Morin, Phillip A.; Reyes, Cristel; Rogan, Emer; Rosso, Massimiliano; Silva, Mónica A.; Springer, Mark S.; Steel, Debbie; Olsen, Morten Tange (The Royal Society, 2021-10-27)
      The deep sea has been described as the last major ecological frontier, as much of its biodiversity is yet to be discovered and described. Beaked whales (ziphiids) are among the most visible inhabitants of the deep sea, ...