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dc.contributor.authorO'Connor, Noëlle
dc.contributor.editorRyan, Michael F.
dc.identifier.citationO'Connor, N. (2022). Poster Presentation: Travel Operations & Geography. In: Ryan, M.F. Compendium of Active Learning & Assessment for Student Engagement. Vol.2 TUS:MM. pp.56-59en_US
dc.description.abstractPoster presentations have many advantages for novice presenters (as with this first-year cohort) who may find developing poster content less intimidating than writing a report (Berg and Hicks, 2017; 461). The poster presentation (See Appendix 1) was selected for the Travel Operations and Geography module (on the B.A. Hons. in Business Studies with Travel and Tourism Management programme) and it reflects a very appropriate assessment tool to meet the overall aim of this module which is to introduce an array of established and emerging destinations to the student through theoretical and practical applications. It will also provide students with an in-depth insight into contemporary transport management in the global travel industry. The reason for using the poster presentation is that the author is following the key procedures of assessment design namely trying to put her teaching and learning into a visual content and its proposed assessment strategy aligns with the best practice principles of assessment which are clear to what is being assessed, work is consistently marked to the same standard, the procedure are relatively easy to administer, it has positive effect on learning and teaching and it’s something that students would use within the travel and tourism industry.en_US
dc.publisherTechnological University of the Shannon Midlands Midwesten_US
dc.relation.ispartofCompendium of Active Learning & Assessment for Student Engagement. Vol.2en_US
dc.rightsAttribution-4.0 International*
dc.subjectLearning & teachingen_US
dc.subjectActive learningen_US
dc.titlePoster Presentation: Travel Operations & Geographyen_US
dc.contributor.affiliationTechnological University of the Shannon Midlands Midwesten_US
dc.subject.departmentDepartment of Quality, Teaching and Learning, TUS Midwesten_US

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