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dc.contributor.advisorLynch, Padraic
dc.contributor.authorLaw, Susie
dc.description.abstractFor third level students’, the way of learning and lifestyle, especially in the Covid 19 Epidemic year of 2020 has propelled into online and blended learning. The use of technology in learning and teaching is even more necessary to ensure the interaction between student and lecturer. The chosen technology used within the study was for students to produce Podcasts as an alternative assignment technique and as a reflective revision tool. This study was conducted on final degree Veterinary Nursing students using a Podcast application platform to record two individual podcasts of Nursing Care Bundles (total of 64) and self-reflections post lectures for personal revision purposes. Due to the epidemic and change in final examinations, self-reflection revision podcasts were unable to be measured, but student opinion towards these were recorded and were favourable. Nursing care bundles involve a step-by-step approach to any procedure to be done, for example – the placing of a support limb dressing. Each step needs to be researched for evidence based best practice. Students had the option of presenting the ‘care bundle’ to the class or producing the work as a Podcast – all students (32) elected to produce a Podcast. A few students also involved themselves in producing personal reflective podcasts for their own personal use for revision purposes prior to their final examination. A survey filled out by all 32 students revealed that the majority enjoyed producing the podcast better than presenting to the class. Student comments included that they could ensure all information could be verbalized without the anxiety of standing in front of the class. However, students are aware of the important skills gained in presenting to a live audience, therefore a combination of Podcast and student class presentations adds value and fairness to all learner types. The results also showed that Podcasting could allow the students to express themselves in a relaxed manner; therefore enjoying the process, which results in a memorable experience; this increases the likelihood of information to be recollected. The student also has a recording of the work presented for future use, unlike a live presentation, which is a one off performance. It also gives different user personas confidence in moving towards using technology, which has positive benefits to their future career. This study has shown that incorporating other uses of technology such as Podcasts to the class gives confidence, student positivity and a modern day dimension to learning and teaching.en_US
dc.rightsAttribution 4.0 International*
dc.subjectaudio recordings, podcasts, self-learning, covid 19,blended learningen_US
dc.titleAn exploratory case study into the role of using Student audio recordings/Podcasts as an aide to develop understanding and enhance Student self-learning.en_US

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Attribution 4.0 International
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