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dc.contributor.advisorRoarty, Suzi
dc.contributor.authorMc Gill, Lauren
dc.description.abstractAn action research investigation looking at how formative assessment feedback strategies from the student to the teacher can enhance student engagement and participation. The research study was carried out in a mixed Post Primary School in Donegal with 27 second year students. The purpose of the study is to look at how feedback from the students to the teacher can boost student engagement, participation and promote student voice in the classroom. The study focuses on two methods of formative feedback, these include written methods and interactive methods through the use of ‘Information Communication Technology’. In addition the research involves teacher observation and reflection and identifying the areas in teaching and learning that can be improved. The literature critiqued provides a broad range of information. The main areas examined in the literature include student voice, formative assessment and learning, student engagement and participation and the use of technology in the classroom. The research was carried out by implementing the feedback strategies in the class and surveying the students on two occasions, pre-feedback methods and post-feedback methods. The surveys assessed the students’ responses to their learning and if they changed over the duration of the study. Following the inclusion of the feedback methods the results illustrated a positive development in student engagement and participation in class. Likewise student voice positively improved where students exemplified an eagerness to participate in class. The study also highlights the significance of educational reform and the importance of teacher professional development and reflection in education to improve the learning experience for all students.en_US
dc.rightsAttribution 4.0 International*
dc.subjectformative assessment, student engagement, teacher, post primary, technologyen_US
dc.titleAn investigation looking at how formative assessment feedback strategies from students to their teacher can enhance the student learning experience through increased engagement and participationen_US
dc.subject.departmentLaw & Humanitiesen_US

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Attribution 4.0 International
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