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      ADHD, Flow engagement, Video game, Screen-time, Hyperactivity, Impulsivity [1]
      Advertising, Technology, Virtual reality, Object interactivity, Presence, Purchase intent [1]
      altruism [1]
      Altruism, Narcissism, Reciprocation, Relationships [1]
      Artificial Intelligence, Therapy, Technology, Healthcare [1]
      Asperger's Syndrome (A.S.), Emotional intelligence (E.I.), Stemberg's Implicit Theories of Intelligence Inventory [1]
      Assistive Technology, Rehabilitation, Spinal cord injury, Smart-technologies, Quality of life, Self-driven rehabilitation [1]
      Attachment, Video games, Pokémon, Fictional characters, Emotion [1]
      Attitudes, Behaviours, Theory of Reasoned Action, Homophobia, Same-sex marriage [1]
      Binge-watching [1]
      Blended learning, Policy initiatives, Learning design, Learning theory, Literacy programme, Social interaction, Class support, Tutor Support [1]
      Children, Social pain, Victimization [1]
      Cognitive skills training tools, Numerical ability, Memory, Intelligence [1]
      Computer mediated communication, Communication strategies, Cultural background, Communication styles [1]
      Continuing Professional Development (CPD), Teaching, Dyslexia, Constructivist learning environment [1]
      Counselling, Substance use issues, Ireland, Technostress [1]
      Cyber harassment, Celebrities, Social media, Self-efficacy, Extraversion [1]
      cyberpsychology [1]
      Dark Triad, Trolling, Narcissism, Machiavellianism, Psychopathy [1]
      Diabetes, Technology, Health-management, Distress, Medical devices, Usability [1]