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      Digital divide, Internet technologies, Technostress, Personality, Ireland [1]
      Digital food culture, Irish, Plant-based, Vegetarian, Vegan food, Influencers, Instagram [1]
      Digital game-play, Digital artefacts, Motivation, CoderDojo, Young people, Learning environment [1]
      digital immigrants [1]
      Digital media, Music, Bass Culture, Artist-Audience Relationship, 'Musicking' [1]
      digital natives [1]
      Digital technology, Learning experience, Education, Engagement [1]
      Digital transformation (DT), Resistance to change, Ease of use, Role title, Emotions [1]
      Disgust, Religion, Christianity, Conservatism, LIWC, Big Five, Moral Foundations [1]
      Education, Early School Leaving, Europe, Learning strategy, Teaching and learning experience, iScoil, Curriculum [1]
      Emoji use, Instant messaging, Big Five, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Openness, Social media [1]
      Empathy, Reading, Fiction, Technology, Print, Digital [1]
      Empathy, Video game, Cognitive empathy [1]
      Employer branding, Recruitment, Digital age, Attractiveness, Jobseekers, Self-perception, Person-environment fit, Organisational attributes, Navigational use, Online resources [1]
      Engagement, Consumer, Instagram, Social networking, Brand [1]
      Facebook fan page, Active fan, Passive fan, Purchase intention, Fan page post, Emotional arousal [1]
      Fake news, Social media, Facebook, Moral foundations theory, Confirmation bias [1]
      Fitness, Gamified fitness technology, Behaviour, Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) [1]
      FortNite, Prosocial action, Game design [1]
      Gamers, Microtransactions, Online culture, Viral outrage, Gaming, Wellbeing [1]