Recent Submissions

  • Multidisciplinary teaching: the emergence of an holistic STEM teacher. 

    Seery, Niall; Gumaelius, Lena; Pears, Arnold (IEEE Xplore, 2018-03-07)
    This full research paper approaches the teaching of STEM from a new multi-disciplinary perspective. While the importance of the STEM agenda is not in dispute, the plurality in treatment of STEM as individual subjects or ...
  • Theorizing the role of engineering for society: technological activity in context? 

    Doyle, Andrew; Gumaelius, Lena B.; Pears, Arnold Neville; Seery, Niall (ASEE, 2019-06)
    This paper establishes a theoretical position from which to analyse and reason about the difficulties associated with closing the gap between the provision of engineering education in universities and the needs of society. ...