Recent Submissions

  • Brand activation in thanatourism: a comparative study of the Bram Stoker Festival and the Whitby Goth Weekend 

    Golz, Luisa (Technological University of the Shannon Midlands Midwest, 2022)
    The life and work of Dubliner Bram Stoker influenced a niche tourism product popularly consumed today - gothic festivals. Gothic or “dark tourism” (thanatourism) festivals attract high spending tourists, usually in ...
  • The correlation between sustainable plastic adoption and business sustainability in the food packaging sector 

    Greene, Alina; Keenan Gaylard, Aisling; Brennan-Fournet, Margaret (Technological University of the Shannon Midlands Midwest, 2022)
    Ireland is producing the most plastic waste per person in Europe (Statista Research Department, 2021). Approximately 40 % of all plastic produced in Ireland goes to the food packaging sector (EESC, 2020). In order to ...
  • Six go cocooning. 

    Tierney, Joe (Accessible Active Ageing, 2020-05-25)
    “Age is just a number” a familiar quote used by many including Joan Collins who suggested that; “age is just a number, unless you’re a good wine.” However, where the Corona virus is concerned the age 70 is when you must ...