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    • Memristor-based tunable analog filter for physiological signal acquisition for electrooculography. 

      Fahri, Juhi; Ansari, Mohammad Samar (SpringerLink, 2019-01-09)
      In this paper we demonstrate that Memristors can be used in conjunction with CMOS to implement a continuous-time tunable analog bandpass filter for use in the area of biomedical signal acquisition. The idea here is to ...
    • Tethered balloon technology for green communication in smart cities and health environment. 

      Alsamhi, S.H.; Ansari, Mohammad Samar; Zhao, Ling; Van, Sau Nguyen; Gupta, S.K.; Alammari, Amr A.; Saber, Akram Hatem; Hebah, Y.A.M. Hebah; Alasali, Marwan Ahmed Abdullah; Aljabli, Hasan Mohsen; Najim, Mohd; Srivastava, Ashutosh (ICOICE, 2019-12)
      —The development and adopting of advanced communication technologies provide mobile users more convenience to connect any wireless network anytime and anywhere. Therefore, a large number of base stations (BS) are demanded ...