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    • The evaluation of the potential ecotoxicity of pyroligenous acid obtained from fast pyrolsis. 

      de Lima, Gabriel Goetten; Mendes, Camila; de Marchi, Gustavo; Vicari, Taynah; Cestari, Marta Margarete; Gomes, Monike F.; Ramsdorf, Wanessa Algarte; Magalhães, Washington Luiz Esteves; Hansel, Fabricio Augusto; Morais, Daniela Leme (Elsevier, 2019-09-30)
      Pyroligneous acid (PA) is a by-product of bio-oil, which is obtained by pyrolysis of the wood. This product has been tested for use in several areas, such as agriculture, as a promising green herbicide; however, there are ...