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    • Yerba mate extract in microfibrillated cellulose and corn starch films as a potential wound healing bandage 

      Alibadi, Meysam; Chee, Bor Shin; Matos, Mailson; Cortese, Yvonne J.; Nugent, Michael J.D.; de Lima, Tieldy, A.M.; Washington, L.E., Magalhães; de Lima, Gabriel Goetten; (MDPI, 2020-11-27)
      Microfibrillated cellulose films have been gathering considerable attention due to their high mechanical properties and cheap cost. Additionally, it is possible to include compounds within the fibrillated structure in ...
    • β-glucan metabolic and immunomodulatory properties and potential for clinical application 

      Murphy, Emma J.; Rezoagli, Emanuele; Major, Ian; Rowan, Neil J.; Laffey, John G. (MDPI, 2020-12-10)
      β-glucans are complex polysaccharides that are found in several plants and foods, including mushrooms. β-glucans display an array of potentially therapeutic properties. β-glucans have metabolic and gastro-intestinal effects, ...