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    • Variations in vertical loading from walking due to surface vibration. 

      Archbold, Paul; Mullarney, Brian; Carrig, Mirivano (Hemming Information Services, 2014-07)
      Walking trials have been carried out on rigid and flexible walkways mounted with a force plate in order to determine how vertical pedestrian loading is influence by these two walking platforms. This paper presents the ...
    • Vertical crowd load models for vibration serviceability assessment of footbridges 

      Archbold, Paul (Civil-Comp Press, 2009)
      Most pedestrian load models prescribed in existing design codes of practice do not consider any interaction between the pedestrian and the moving structure. However, it is now widely accepted that this interaction is ...
    • Vibration serviceability considerations in footbridge design. 

      Mullarney, Brian; Archbold, Paul (UniMap/AIT, 2011-06)
      Modern footbridges are becoming more and more flexible as they are constructed lighter and more slender than ever before. This has led to a vibration serviceability issue with many footbridges, as they can become ‘lively’ ...