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    • The effect of milk on recovery from repeat-sprint cycling in female team-sport athletes 

      Rankin, Paula; Lawlor, Michael J.; Hills, Frank A.; Bell, Phillip G.; Stevenson, Emma J.; Cockburn, Emma (Canadian Science Publishing, 2017)
      The consumption of milk following eccentric exercise attenuates the effects of muscle damage in team-sport athletes. However, participation in team sport involves both concentric–eccentric loading and metabolic stress. ...
    • Milk: An effective recovery drink for female athletes 

      Rankin, Paula; Landy, Adrian; Stevenson, Emma; Cockburn, Emma (MDPI, 2018)
      Milk has become a popular post-exercise recovery drink. Yet the evidence for its use in this regard comes from a limited number of investigations utilising very specific exercise protocols, and mostly with male participants. ...