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    • Antimicrobial active bioplastics using triangular silver nano-plate integrated polycaprolactone and polylactic acid films 

      Lanzagorta Garcia, Eduardo; Attaliah, Olivia A.; Mojicevic, Marija; Devine, Declan M.; Fournet, Margaret Brennan (MDPI, 2021-02-28)
      An innovative antimicrobial technology for plastic surfaces is presented. We report the synthesis and scale-up of triangular silver nano-plates (TSNPs) and their integration into polycaprolactone (PCL) and polylactic ...
    • An assessment of the transparency of contemporary technology education research employing interview-based methodologies 

      Buckley, Jeffrey; Adams, Latif; Aribilola, Ifeoluwapo; Arshad, Iram; Azeem, Muhammad; Bracken, Lauryn; Breheny, Colette; Buckley, Ciara; Chimello, Ismael; Fagan, Alison; Fitzpatrick, Daniel P.; Herrera, Diana Garza; Gomes, Guilherme Daniel; Grassick, Shaun; Halligan, Elaine; Hirway, Amit; Hyland, Tómas; Imtiaz, Muhammad Babar; Khan, Muhammad Bilal; Lanzagorta Garcia, Eduardo; Lennon, Paul; Manaf, Eyman; Meng, Jing; Sufian, Mohd Sufino Zuhaily; Moraes, Adrielle; Osterwald, Katja Magdalena; Platonava, Anastasia; Reid, Clodagh; Renard, Michèle; Rodriguez-Barroso, Laura G.; Simonassi-Paiva, Biana; Singh, Maulshree; Szamk, Tomaz; Tahir, Mehwish; Vijayakumar, Sowmya; Ward, Cormac; Yan, Xinyu; Zainol, Ismin; Zhang, Lin (Springer, 2021-08-20)
      A high level of transparency in reported research is critical for several reasons, such as ensuring an acceptable level of trustworthiness and enabling replication. Transparency in qualitative research permits the ...
    • Sustainable antimicrobial polymeric food packaging and anti-infection medical catheter preparation using antimicrobial peptide and Ag+ nanoreservoir formulations 

      Lanzagorta Garcia, Eduardo; Pezzoli, Romina; Rodriguez Barroso, Laura G.; Venkatesh, Chaitra; Devine, Declan M.; Brennan Fournet, Margaret E. (Athlone Institute of Technology, 2020-06)
      New antimicrobial interventions are urgently required to combat rising global health and medical infection challenges. Here, an innovative antimicrobial technology, providing price competitive alternatives to antibiotics ...