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      P. C. M and D. McK are supported by Government of Ireland Stu dentships from the Irish Research Council (IRC). D. Ó. F. is supported by a Gov ernment of Ireland Postdoctoral Fellowship from the IRC (GOIPD/2020/145). I-LOFAR received funding from Science Foundation Ireland (SFI), the Depart ment of Jobs Enterprise and Innovation (DJEI). T.P.R. would like to acknowledge support from the European Research Council under Grant No. 743029, Ejection, Accretion Structures in YSOs (EASY). The I-LOFAR consortium consists of Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin, Athlone Institute for Tech nology, Armagh Observatory and Planetarium (supported through funding from the Department for Communities of the N. Ireland Executive), Dublin City Uni versity, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, National University of Ireland Galway and University College Cork. REALTA is funded by SFI and Break through Listen. Breakthrough Listen is managed by the Breakthrough Initiatives, sponsored by the Breakthrough Prize Foundation. [1]
      Pacheco da Costa, Tamiris [1]
      Pahl, Claus [3]
      Paiva, Thainnane Silva [1]
      Palframan, Jason [2]
      Palframan, Jason T. [1]
      Palframan, Jason Timothy [2]
      Pantelic, Brana [2]
      Panther, Grace [2]
      Pantzos, Panagiotis [2]
      PAPCDT 06/2016, PAPCDT 07/2017 [1]
      Park, David [1]
      Park, Stephen D. [1]
      Park, Stephen D. E. [1]
      Parks, Louisa [1]
      Part funded byIrish Research Council’s postgraduate funding scheme [1]
      Partilla, J.S. [1]
      Partilla, John S. [5]
      Parveen, P. [1]
      Parveen, T. [1]