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    • Linear displacement electronic feedback for hydraulic cylinders 

      Heatherington, Paul (Institute of Technology Carlow, 2019)
      The purpose of this study was to research and develop a linear displacement technology that can be used to give positional feedback in hydraulic cylinders with the added ability to measure and monitor the operating temperature ...
    • Quantitative imaging of the stress/strain fields and generation of macroscopic cracks from indents in silicon 

      Tanner, Brian K.; Allen, David; Wittge, Jochen; Danilewsky, Andreas N.; Garagorri, Jorge; Gorostegui-Colinas, Eider; Elizalde, M. Reyes; McNally, Patrick J. (MDPI, 2017)
      The crack geometry and associated strain field around Berkovich and Vickers indents on silicon have been studied by X-ray diffraction imaging and micro-Raman spectroscopy scanning. The techniques are complementary; the ...