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    • Promoting men’s awareness, self-examination, and help-seeking for testicular disorders: A systematic review of interventions 

      Saab, Mohamad M.; Davoren, Martin; Murphy, Aileen; Murphy, David; Cooke, Eoghan; Landers, Margaret; Fitzgerald, Serena; Richardson, Noel; Rovito, Michael; Von Wagner, Christian; Murphy, Mike; Dahly, Darren; Hegarty, Josephine (F1000 Research, 2018)
      Background: Testicular cancer (TC) is commonly diagnosed among men aged 15-40 years. The incidence of TC is on the rise. Benign testicular disorders such as testicular torsion and epididymitis can lead to testicular ischemia, ...
    • Protection of pepper plants from drought by Microbacterium sp. 3J1 by modulation of the plant's glutamine and α-ketoglutarate content: A comparative metabolomics approach 

      Vílchez, Juan I.; Niehaus, Karsten; Dowling, David N.; González-López, Jesús; Manzanera, Maximino (Frontiers Media, 2018)
      Drought tolerance of plants such as tomato or pepper can be improved by their inoculation with rhizobacteria such as Microbacterium sp. 3J1. This interaction depends on the production of trehalose by the microorganisms ...
    • Pulsating flow investigation for spiked blunt-nose body in hypersonic flow and its control 

      Vashishtha, Ashish; Khurana, Shashank (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 2021-01)
      An aerospike, as a technique for drag reduction and heat transfer in high-speed flows, is associated with instabilities. To understand the pulsating flow behavior in front of forward facing spiked blunt nose, numerical ...
    • Quantification of internal and external training load during a training camp in senior international female footballers 

      Doyle, Brian; Browne, Declan; Horan, Dan (Taylor & Francis, 2021-03-22)
      Objective: This study aimed to quantify the internal and external training load profile of an international training camp and identify any differences between positional groups or starting status. Methods: 18 players were ...
    • Quantitative imaging of the stress/strain fields and generation of macroscopic cracks from indents in silicon 

      Tanner, Brian K.; Allen, David; Wittge, Jochen; Danilewsky, Andreas N.; Garagorri, Jorge; Gorostegui-Colinas, Eider; Elizalde, M. Reyes; McNally, Patrick J. (MDPI, 2017)
      The crack geometry and associated strain field around Berkovich and Vickers indents on silicon have been studied by X-ray diffraction imaging and micro-Raman spectroscopy scanning. The techniques are complementary; the ...
    • QUBIC : exploring the primordial universe with the q&u bolometric interferometer 

      Mennella, Aniello; Ade, Peter; Amico, Giorgio; Auguste, Didier; Aumont, Jonathan; Banfi, Stephano; Barbarán, Gustavo; Battaglia, Paola; Battistelli, Elia; Bau, Alessandro; Bélier, Benoit; Bennett, David G.; Bergé, Laurent; Bernard, Jean Philippe; Bersanelli, Marco; Bigot Sazy, Marie Anne; Bleurvacq, Nathan; Bonaparte, Juan; Bonis, Julien; Bunn, Emory; Burke, David; Buzi, Daniele; Buzzelli, Alessandro; Cavaliere, Francesco; Chanial, Pierre; Chapron, Claude; Charlassier, Romain; Columbro, Fabio; Coppi, Gabriele; Coppolecchia, Alessandro; D'Agostino, Rocco; D'Alessandro, Giuseppe; De Bernardis, Paolo; De Gasperis, Giancarlo; De Leo, Michele; De Petris, Marco; Di Donato, Andres; Dumoulin, Louis; Etchegoyen, Alberto; Fasciszewski, Adrián; Franceschet, Cristian; Gamboa Lerena, Martin Miguel; Garcia, Beatriz; Garrido, Xavier; Gaspard, Michel; Gault, Amanda; Gayer, Donnacha; Gervasi, Massimo; Giard, Martin; Giraud Héraud, Yannick; Gómez Berisso, Mariano; González, Manuel; Gradziel, Marcin; Grandsire, Laurent; Guerard, Eric; Hamilton, Jean Christophe; Harari, Diego; Haynes, Vic; Henrot Versillé, Sophie; Hoang, Duc Thuong; Holtzer, Nicolas; Incardona, Federico; Jules, Eric; Kaplan, Jean; Korotkov, Andrei; Kristukat, Christian; Lamagna, Luca; Loucatos, Sotiris; Louis, Thibaut; Lowitz, Amy; Lukovic, Vladimir; Luterstein, Raúl Horacio; Maffei, Bruno; Marnieros, Stefanos; Masi, Silvia; Mattei, Angelo; May, Andrew; McCulloch, Mark; Medina, Maria Clementina; Mele, Lorenzo; Melhuish, Simon J.; Montier, Ludovic; Mousset, Louise; Mundo, Luis Mariano; Murphy, John Anthony; Murphy, James David; O'Sullivan, Creidhe; Olivieri, Emiliano; Paiella, Alessandro; Pajot, Francois; Passerini, Andrea; Pastoriza, Hernan; Pelosi, Alessandro; Perbost, Camille; Perciballi, Maurizio; Pezzotta, Federico; Piacentini, Francesco; Piat, Michel; Piccirillo, Lucio; Pisano, Giampaolo; Polenta, Gianluca; Prele, Damien; Puddu, Roberto; Rambaud, Damien; Ringegni, Pablo; Romero, Gustavo E.; Salatino, Maria; Schillaci, Alessandro; Scóccola, Claudia G.; Scully, Stephen P.; Spinelli, Sebastiano; Stankowiak, Guillaume; Stolpovskiy, Michail; Suarez, Federico; Tartari, Andrea; Thermeau, Jean Pierre; Timbie, Peter; Tomasi, Maurizio; Torchinsky, Steve A.; Tristram, Matthieu; Tucker, Carole E.; Tucker, Gregory S.; Vanneste, Sylvain; Viganó, Daniele; Vittorio, Nicola; Voisin, Fabrice; Watson, Robert; Wicek, Francois; Zannoni, Mario; Zullo, Antonio (MDPI, 2019-01-23)
      In this paper, we describe QUBIC, an experiment that will observe the polarized microwave sky with a novel approach, which combines the sensitivity of state-of-the-art bolometric detectors with the systematic effects control ...
    • RAST model: Simulation of tensiotraces to facilitate drophad engineering 

      Pringuet, P.; McMillan, Norman D.; Doyle, Greg; Smith, S.R.P.; O'Neill, M.; Riedel, S. (IOP Publishing, 2011)
      Tensiography is a technique that determines the physical and chemical properties of a liquid by illuminating a growing pendant drop from within using a source fibre. Light reflected internally at the surface of the drop ...
    • Reaching beyond the ‘worried well’: pre-adoption characteristics of participants in ‘Men on the Move’, a community-based physical activity programme 

      Kelly, Liam; Harrison, Michael; Richardson, Noel; Carroll, Paula; Robertson, Steve; Keohane, Aisling; Donohoe, Alex (Oxford University Press, 2019)
      Background: Issues surrounding gender and men’s health have become an increasing focus of public health globally. Unhealthy lifestyles and lower engagement in health promotion initiatives contributed to lower life expectancy ...
    • Regional earning disparities and the speed of transition: Evidence from Poland 1994–1997 

      Burke, Fiona; Walsh, Patrick Paul (Springer, 2012)
      In the early days of transition Poland hosted regional earning disparities. Low levels of worker and firm mobility allow us to threat regions as local labor markets. Wage behavior is modeled in regional labor markets as ...
    • Reliability and validity of a new eccentric hamstring strength measurement device 

      Lodge, Clare; Tobin, Diarmuid; O Rourke, Brian; Thorborg, Kristian (Elsevier Inc, 2019-11-22)
      Objective To investigate the reliability and establish validity of a new eccentric hamstring strength measurement device. Design A randomized double-crossover trial with intraclass correlation coefficients to analyze ...
    • Research development to define 'shared usability' in product design for older adults 

      Shore, Linda; White, P.J.; Dempsey, Hilary (Europe Chapter Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, 2014-11)
    • A review and classification of assisted living systems 

      Byrne, Caroline A.; Collier, Rem; O’Hare, Gregory M. P. (MDPI, 2018)
      Europe’s social agenda for the “active elderly” is based upon a series of programs that provide a flexible infrastructure for their lives so that they are motivated, engaged in lifelong learning, and contributing to society. ...
    • Shared usability a support mechanism to product and service system design for older adults. 

      Shore, Linda; White, P.J.; Dempsey, Hilary (Europe Chapter Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, 2015-10-16)
      Globally the Older Adult population is increasing; people are living longer, often with physical or functional limitations whilst remaining in their own home. This indicates a requirement of responsibility by Associated ...
    • ‘Smokeless campus’ smoking cessation intervention 

      Lowry-Lehnen, Theresa (2019)
      In February 2018, following ongoing consultation with students and staff and extensive work carried out by the Smokeless Campus Committee, Institute of Technology Carlow became a ‘Smokeless Campus’. This profile relates ...
    • The society of jesus in ireland post 1814: a historiographical survey 

      Jackson, Brian (Brill Academic Publishers, 2020-05)
      A history and examination of the of the collecting and curation of the historic record of the Jesuits within the order from 1814.
    • Study of direct gas injection into stagnation zone of blunt nose at hypersonic flow 

      Harmon, Peter; Vashishtha, Ashish; Callaghan, Dean; Nolan, Cathal; Deiterding, Ralf (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 2021-07-28)
      Direct gas injection in the shocked or compressed region has importance in many applications from drag control to ignition and pressure gain combustion. This numerical study is focused on direct light gas injection into ...
    • A study to evaluate the effects of a neuromuscular injury prevention programme (GAA15) in adolescent males participating in hurling 

      Kelly, Seán (Institute of Technology Carlow, 2017)
      Introduction: Adolescent involvement in organised sport has never been more popular in Ireland, however, this increased level of activity has reportedly caused concern regarding the potential risk and severity of sporting ...
    • Talent on demand? Talent management in the German and Irish subsidiaries of a US multinational corporation 

      Burbach, Ralf; Royle, Tony (Emerald Publishing Limited, 2010)
      Purpose – As the interest in talent management (TM) gathers momentum, this paper aims to unravel how talent is managed in multinational corporations, what factors mediate the talent management process and what computerised ...
    • Teachers as learners: Exploring the impact of accredited professional development on learning and assessment in Irish higher education 

      Maguire, Moira; Harding, Nuala; Noonan, Gina; O'Connor, Tamara; This work was funded by The National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning under their 2016 Networks Funding. (All Ireland Society for Higher Education (AISHE), 2017)
      The works presented in this volume exemplify the practice of assessment explored through accredited professional development (APD) across Ireland and the impact this has had on individual lecturers, students, modules and ...
    • Towards a technological university: A design approach to knowledge creation 

      Whelan, Lynne (Institute of Technology Carlow, 2018)
      Irish economic strategies, in line with broader global strategies, aim to promote innovation and knowledge creation. The past notion that knowledge was a learned entity which stopped and was repeated as needed no longer ...