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      Authors Name
      Saab, Mohamad M. [1]
      Sagot, Jean-Claude [1]
      Sahoo, Devabrata [1]
      Salatino, Maria [1]
      Salunke, Samruddhi [1]
      Samara, Mohammad Saeed [1]
      Samuel, Yona Arike [1]
      Sanchez-Contreras, Maria [1]
      Sánchez-Contrerasa, María [2]
      Sánchez-Moreno, Sara [1]
      Sayers, Riona G. [1]
      Schillaci, Alessandro [1]
      Schmidt, Jan Henrik [1]
      School of Engineering, National University of Ireland, Galway [1]
      School of Rehabilitation Science , McMaster University , Hamilton , ON , Canada [1]
      Scóccola, Claudia G. [1]
      Scully, Stephen [3]
      Scully, Stephen P. [1]
      SEAM Research Centre, School of Engineering, SETU Waterford Campus, Waterford, Ireland [1]
      Sequencing of this genome has been funded by grants MICROAMBIENTE-CM (to R.R.), BIO2009-08254 (to M.M.), 08/GEN/ 1319 (to J.P.M.), TSR 3 (Agribibiotics project) (to D.D.), and Marie Curie MIGENOF113 (to M.S.-C. and R.R.). This research was supported in part by grants awarded to F.O. by the Science Foundation of Ireland (07/IN.1/B948, 08/RFP/GEN1295, 08/RFP/GEN1319, and SFI09/RFP/BMT2350), by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (RSF grants 06-321 and 06- 377 and FIRM grants 06RDC459, 06RDC506, and 08RDC629), and by the European Commission (MTKD-CT2006-042062, Marie Curie TOK: TRAMWAYS, EU256596), IRCSET (05/EDIV/FP107/INTERPAM, EMBARK), the Marine Institute Beaufort award (C&CRA 2007/082), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA 2006-PhD-S-21 and EPA 2008- PhD-S-2), and the HRB (RP/2006/271, RP/2007/290, and HRA/2009/146). We also acknowledge the Centro de Computación Científica in Universidad Autónoma de Madrid for providing the computing facilities used in the assembly process. [1]