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      Authors Name
      Raftery, Damien [10]
      Raghavendra, Ramesh [3]
      Rai, Krishan Mohan [1]
      Raina, Parminder [5]
      Raine, Gary [1]
      Rainey, Paul B. [1]
      Rambaud, Damien [1]
      Rankin, Paula [6]
      Raoelison, Rija Nirina [1]
      Rathore, Dheeraj Singh [1]
      Rathore, Ridhdhi [2]
      Ravuri, Nishita [2]
      Redondo-Nieto, Miguel [2]
      Regan, Shane [1]
      Regeai, Sassia Omar [2]
      Research at UAM was funded by grants MICROAMBIENTE-CM (to R.R.), BIO2009-08254 (to M.M.), and Marie Curie MIGENOF113 (to M.S.-C. and R.R.). This research was supported in parts by grants awarded to FOG by the Science Foundation of Ireland (07IN.1/B948, 08/RFP/GEN1295, 08/RFP/ GEN1319, SFI09/RFP/BMT2350); the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (RSF grants 06–321 and 06–377; FIRM grants 06RDC459 06RDC506 and 08RDC629); the European Commission (MTKD-CT-2006-042062, Marie Curie TOK:TRAMWAYS, EU256596, MicroB3-287589-OCEAN2012, MACUMBA-CP-TP 311975; PharmaSea-CP-TP 312184); IRCSET (05/EDIV/FP107/INTERPAM, EMBARK), the Marine Institute Beaufort award (C&CRA 2007/082), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA 2006-PhD-S-21, EPA 2008-PhD-S-2) and the HRB (RP/2006/271, RP/2007/290, HRA/2009/146). The Lab of KG & DD was in part funded by an SFI Tida award and the Department of Education TSR III Agribiotics project. The authors would like to acknowledge the Centro de Computación Científica at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and the Boole Centre for Research in Informatics at University College Cork for providing access to computational facilities. [1]
      Rice, O. [1]
      Richardson, Noel [8]
      Ricken, Jean [1]
      Riedel, S. [4]