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dc.contributor.advisorSavage, Margareten
dc.contributor.authorMaguire, Sonyaen
dc.identifier.citationMaguire, Sonya (2004) A study into the implementation of S. I. no. 543 of 2002, "Emissions of volatile organic compounds from the organic solvents regulations, 2002" at local authority level. M. Sc., Institute of Technology, Sligo.en
dc.description.abstractThe vehicle coating and refinishing sector are facing increased regulatory and environmental pressures. This is a relatively novel experience for proprietors o f workshops, who because o f their subdued existence and diminutive workforce have been overlooked in the past. However, the introduction o f the Council Directive 1999/13/EC on the Limitation o f Emissions o f Volatile Organic Compounds due to the use o f Organic Solvents in Certain Activities and Installations which was transposed into Irish legislation under the Emissions o f Volatile Organic Compounds from Organic Solvents Regulations 2002 (S.I. N o .543 2002), implied the requirement for significant change in the vehicle coating and refinishing sector. The introduction o f this Regulation meant that for the first time, small sized workshops would be regulated and would have to reduce their VOC emissions to a specified limit. For proprietors o f small sized spray paint facilities, this is the foremost experience they have had to interpret and comply with a major item o f legislation in Ireland. Therefore the manner in which this Regulation is approached, delivered and enforced by regulatory bodies, is essential to the success o f its implementation. The purpose o f this thesis was to examine the current information available, which is relevant to the introduction o f this Regulation and will determine if it is appropriate to the target audience who compile o f proprietors o f workshops and local authority employees who will be partially responsible for the compliance with this Regulation. This dissertation established that there was a significant lack o f understanding o f the main requirements o f this Regulation within the target audience and there was a great need for the provision o f a more comprehensive training document, which would inform the target audience o f these requirements. These training documents would be compiled as a result o f the findings o f this thesis.en
dc.subjectLocal government -- Ireland.en
dc.subjectLaw enforcement -- Ireland.en
dc.subjectVolatile organic compounds.en
dc.subjectAutomobile industry and trade.en
dc.subjectSpray painting -- Standards.en
dc.titleA study into the implementation of S. I. no. 543 of 2002, "Emissions of volatile organic compounds from the organic solvents regulations, 2002" at local authority levelen
dc.typeMaster Thesis (taught)en
dc.publisher.institutionInstitute of Technology, Sligo.en
dc.rights.accessCreative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivsen
dc.subject.departmentDept of Environmental Science, ITSen

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