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    • Spatial separation of catches in highly mixed fisheries 

      Dolder, Paul J.; Thorson, James T.; Minto, Cóilín (, 2018-09-17)
      Mixed fisheries are the dominant type of fishery worldwide. Overexploitation in mixed fisheries occurs when catches continue for available quota species while low quota species are discarded. As EU fisheries management ...
    • Exploring applications of deep reinforcement learning for real-world autonomous driving systems 

      Mannion, Patrick; Talpaert, Victor; Sobh, Ibrahim; Kiran, Bangalore Ravi; Yogamani, Senthil; El-Sallab, Ahmad; Perez, Patrick (2019-01)
      Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL) has become increasingly powerful in recent years, with notable achievements such as Deepmind’s AlphaGo. It has been successfully deployed in commercial vehicles like Mobileye’s path ...