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    • Strong and lasting impacts of past global warming on baleen whales and their prey 

      Cabrera, Andrea A.; Schall, Elena; Bérubé, Martine; Anderwald, Pia; Bachmann, Lutz; Berrow, Simon; Best, Peter B.; Clapham, Philip J.; Cunha, Haydée A.; Dalla Rosa, Luciano; Dias, Carolina; Findlay, Kenneth P.; Haug, Tore; Heide-Jørgensen, Mads Peter; Hoelzel, A. Rus; Kovacs, Kit M.; Landry, Scott; Larsen, Finn; Lopes, Xênia M; Lydersen, Christian; Mattila, David K.; Oosting, Tom; Pace III, Richard M.; Papetti, Chiara; Paspati, Angeliki; Pastene, Luis A.; Prieto, Rui; Ramp, Christian; Robbins, Jooke; Sears, Richard; Secchi, Eduardo R.; Silva, Mónica A.; Simon, Malene; Víkingson, Gísli; Wiig, Øystein; Øien, Nils; Palsbøll, Per J. (Wiley, 2022-02-02)
      Global warming is affecting the population dynamics and trophic interactions across a wide range of ecosystems and habitats. Translating these real-time effects into their long-term consequences remains a challenge. The ...